diagnostic services

South Boulder Animal Hospital is proud to offer a state of the art laboratory and diagnotic services for our clients, including radiology, cardiology and ultrasonography. Check out our service categories below to learn more about what we do.

  • laboratory

    Diagnostics & Laboratory

    Our in-house laboratory capabilities include blood and serum analyzers, urine and fecal analysis, tissue microscopy, as well as the more common tests like heartworm disease and feline leukemia, for both routine and critical cases. We also have twice daily pickup service with two veterinary laboratories for more specialized diagnostics and consultations to meet your pet's needs.

  • xray

    Radiology & Ultrasonography

    We have state of the art digital radiography for both whole body and dentistry. Images can be taken in moments, detail is far superior then traditional x-rays, and may be sent via internet to a variety of board certified veterinary specialists for consultation when needed. Mobile veterinary radiologists are available for routine in-house imaging, critical cases can be referred to a number of specialists only minutes away.

  • cardiology


    We offer electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring and in-house interpretation, or internet transmission to a cardiologist. On site exams can be arranged with a mobile board certified veterinary cardiologist.