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    This is a very common question our clients have. Both foods can be very nutritious. There is however, one major advantage of dry food over canned. The dry food will be better for the animals teeth than the canned, simply because dry food will help prevent tartar buildup. Small breeds of dogs are particularly prone to dental disease so we usually advise dry kibble for them. Some disease like feline obesity and kidney failure are best managed with canned foods.

    Dogs are omnivores, meaning they can survive on diets consisting of meat and vegetable products. There are certain things that are toxic to dogs, including chocolate, onions (powder or whole), grapes and raisins. Also, unless you have an active sled dog, high fat diets should be avoided since they can lead to a variety of problems. See our "Toxic Plants" link for additional items of a dangerous nature.

    Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must consume animal protein. A vegetable based diet is unhealthy for a cat and will lead to a number of health problems. Obesity is the biggest problem we see on a daily basis. In general, dry foods have higher carbohydrates than canned foods therefore we will often recommend a canned food for weight loss and leaner body mass. It is most efficient to feed a cat multiple meals per 24 hours as with an automated feeder with a timer.

    This category has broad definitions. The problem in general is that it is difficult to get the right proportion and amount of nutrients to support your animalís health. Plus the additional factor of time and money to prepare the diets in a safe and clean manner. We advise researching many sources of information to ensure the well-being of your pet if you chose this route.

    There are a number of great foods available to feed your pets. Here at SoBo Animal Hospital, we sell Canidae, Hills Prescription Diets, Innovative Veterinary Diets (IVD)/Royal Canin, Purina Prescription diets and Wellness food products. These are all very high quality products designed for optimal health of your pets. The products you would get in the grocery store or elsewhere will be of a variety of qualities and value. Some products are fine, while others are less than optimal. For specifics, please consult with your vet or inspect the content label on the food and do some research.

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