pharmaceutical services

South Boulder Animal Hospital utilizes a broad range of products and procedures to serve our patients, and offers well tested and current pharmaceutical services. Check out our service categories below to learn more about what we do.

  • pharmacy


    We maintain a complete inventory of drugs, priced competitively with internet and local pharmacies. We routinely survey our competition to give you fairly priced products by beating or matching them whenever possible, as well as home shipping if desired. In addition we carry supplements and miscellaneous items such as shampoos to help you provide the best care for your pet.

  • vaccinationsk


    Vaccines are designed to protect animals against bacterial and viral diseases. The duration of immunity may vary due to many factors. After establishing sound immunity during the first month of a pet's life, we at South Boulder Animal Hospital assess your pet's risk factors and will recommend an appropriate health care plan with the judicious use of vaccines as necessary.

  • parasites

    Parasite Control

    To avoid the complications and illnesses that come with parasites such as heartworm, ticks, fleas and others, we give you information and medications for your pet based on environmental, risk analysis, and specific needs.

  • syringe


    We bring to our patients the latest in anesthetic techniques tailored to each case. Through combinations of sedatives, intravenous and local injections, and anesthetic gas, we can safely handle patient's needs whether for the young or old, healthy or sick, large or small. Our patients routinely receive IV fluid therapy along with blood pressure, oxygen in-take, heart and respiration monitors allowing us an extra margin of safety. We take anesthesia very seriously and can make minute by minute changes that make the difference for our patients.

  • pills

    Pain Management

    South Boulder Animal Hospital offers a variety of options for the comfort of our patients, whether for surgery or acute and chronic pain like arthritis. Examples include pre and post surgery injections, local nerve blocks, spine epidurals, IV infusions, non-invasive laser therapy, and a variety of oral prescriptions and supplements.